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Juvia's Place it worth it?

Juvia’s Place Foundation Review

With all the hype that has been surrounding this new foundation, I had to put this makeup to the test! Since Juvia’s Place is not available at my local Ulta, I decided to take a look at it while I was on a trip to NYC. I saw that there is only ONE Ulta in NYC (can you believe it) on East 86th Street and that surely they would carry the brand at this location. When I got there, they had it on display in the front of the store, but were sold out of most of the shades. This was ok because I could still find my match and order it online. I was so glad that I did the color switching of the foundations in the store because the undertones in this foundation are extremely different from shade to shade. When I got back home I ordered the shade that seemed like it would match me the best despite my Summer tan. Here is a video of my experience trying the Juvia’s Place Foundation.

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