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New Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealers

Tarte has released an oldie but goodie in a new beautiful packaging and extended their shade range! This full coverage concealer is 16 hour wear, hydrating, and waterproof. Although Tarte has recently received a lot of backlash for releasing their Tarte Shape Tape concealer with very few shades for women of color, they have extended the shade selection of the creaseless concealer from 11 to 33 shades this go round. I fell in love with concealer when I needed to constantly train in the gym at a time when my skin was really really bad. I didn't want anyone to see me in public without makeup due to acne spots and dark hyper pigmentation on my face. After some trial and error, the maracuja creaseless concealer stayed on and look the same while I was dripping sweat. It really is waterproof!

I didn't reach for it as much after while, but now that it is in a very application friendly packaging and there are many more shades to try, I am looking forward to purchasing it again. Below are swatches of all the shades that are currently available. You can pick this up at your local Sephora (, Sephora inside JCP (, and Ulta (; not to mention it is also on the Tarte website (

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