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In Between Shades

It's exciting to be in a era where the amount of foundations a brand puts out is extremely important. Just a year ago, if it was on the shelf and it wasn't your shade, you just didn't buy it. When Fenty Beauty launched their first collection of foundation shades, they truly set the standard for every foundation launch going forward. If the brand (not naming any names) launches a foundation with 32 shades, but only 5 are for women of color that is no longer expectable to the beauty consumer and rightfully so. While so many brands are coming out with 30-40 shades in their foundation launches, majority of the time I am STILL in between shades. It has been a life long journey finding brands that have an exact foundation match for me. Eventhough there are tons of makeup brands to choose from, I have only found a few brands that have an exact match for me (and Fenty is not one of them!) So what exactly is my shade? I am in between NC 45 and NC 50 in Mac. I've decided to list the brands and foundation formulas I have found that are an exact match or extremely close match in this blog post.

Make Up Forever in Y445

Too Faced Born This Way in Butter Pecan

Nars Natural Radiant Foundation in Moorea

Mac Match Master Foundation in 7.5

Milk Blur Foundation in Tan

Inglot Cream Foundation in 32

Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2-n-1 in Ginger

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