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Shaving your face: Are there beauty benefits?

It all started when I was contacted on Linkedin to work some events for a fairly new company called Derma Flash. I had never heard of the beauty company, but was excited to take on the project. At first I assumed it was a laser hair removal product, but instead I was surprised to find out that it was a face shaving device. Of course, my immediate reaction was how am I going to convince women to shave their face with a $200 device? As I looked into the company and the history of shaving, it all started to make sense.

The practice of female face shaving has been going on for many years. Actresses like Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were huge fans of shaving their face so that their makeup would go on smoother for the movies. It is even rumored that Cleopatra enjoyed the benefits of face shaving.

Dermaplaning is a medical spa procedure that takes a 10 gauge scalpel to the face to remove dead skin cells and facial hair. Sounds pretty terrifying? Its looks more terrifying than it sounds. You can find many videos on youtube of women getting this procedure done in a medical spa. Although putting a 10 gauge scalpel to your face can look and sound very intimidating, if done right and by a professional it can be very rewarding.

The main question is what are the beauty benefits of something that has been considered man's beauty ritual? The first benefit that comes to mind when visualizing face shaving is hair removal. The short term effects are more radiant, smoother glowing skin. The long-term effects are increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair. Dermaplaning is the ultimate physical exfoliation because it is removing the top layer of dead skin with an extremely sharp surgical blade. Skincare will go into the skin faster and work more effectively as a result of removing that first layer of dead skin.

So what do I think about the face shaving concept? Here's the tea...I have personally been shaving my face for many years not realizing how common a practice it was amongst other women. When I came across the Dermaflash at home dermaplaning device, it was like a breath of fresh air. Not only was it satisfying to see all the yucky dead skin cells and hair come off my face, I also noticed that my skin felt super smooth and my makeup looked amazing throughout the day. I currently use it when I feel my skin has more texture than normal. (You can usually feel if your skin is super rough by running your fingers against the surface.) This has become a crucial part of my skincare routine also because I know the skincare I apply after using the Derma Flash absorbs better giving me optimal results.

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